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What People are Saying

Interested in receiving treatment for that oversized abdominal girth, love handles, or double chin?
Learn what our patients have to say about their improvements with the CLATUU Alpha.

<span>Lovehandles</span><br> <em>- Jema</em>
<span>Abdomen</span><br> <em>- Molly</em>
<span>Lovehandles</span><br> <em>- Ilse</em>
<span>Lovehandles</span><br> <em>- A.C.</em>
<span>Double Chin</span><br> <em>CLATUU ALPHA Patient</em>
<span>Double Chin</span><br> <em>- Jamie</em>
<span>Abdomen</span><br> <em>- Ashley</em>
<span>Thighs</span><br> <em>- Mena</em>
<span>Lovehandles</span><br> <em>- Stephanie</em>
<span>Lovehandles</span><br> <em>- Alexandra</em>
<span>Lovehandles</span><br> <em>- Jolene</em>
<span>Double Chin</span><br> <em>- Lauren</em>
<span>Abdomen</span><br> <em>- Brooke</em>

After the CLATUU

There’s no denying treatment that the CLATUU Alpha’s upgraded 360° Surround Cooling Technology yields impressive outcomes for non-invasive body fat reduction on multiple profiles and areas. See it to believe it!

Double Chin



Bra Line

Bra Line & Love Handles

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