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A Treatment Solution that Eliminates
the Double Trouble

Treating for fat mass around the waist, abdomen, or thighs can certainly be remedied by the multiple cooling cups of the CLATUU Alpha, but who says the patient can look slimmer only from the torso down?

double chin Applicators

Facial Contouring at its Finest

The CLATUU Alpha can treat the patient’s submental region with various cooling cups designed to be applied at any angle afflicting their contours.

double chin solution

Doubly Effective

Stubborn fat located under the chin is treated no differently than when cooling cups are applied on broader areas of the body. Adipocytes on the patient’s submental region are crystallized for natural disposal without any damage to surrounding nerves and tissues.

double chin Testimonials

What Patients are Saying

Read about people’s success stories about completing the
CLATUU Alpha plan with their doctors.

The CLATUU Alpha is not only effective in reducing my double chin, the doctor mapped out the perfect plan to keep my smile looking great.

The face is undeniably slimmer,
and its hidden contours more defined.


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